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Dec 7, 2011 7:00am EST
months, syria's bashar al assad is trying to avoid that fate, with a brutal crackdown that's taken the lives of more than 4,000 people. he's not given any television interviews to anyone in the west until now. barbara walters is here with us. i watched that interview. you were really in his face. >> well, george, there were no restrictions. there were no guidelines. we were free to ask any questions. bashar al assad, was a leader by accident. he has the support of much of his country. but not many others believe that. and i began by asking him how he ended up in the position he's in. not long ago, you were widely seen as a fresh, pragmatic leader. a doctor, whose life was about healing people. now, sir, much of the world regards you as a dictator and a tyrant. what do you say to that? >> it's important how the citizens look at you. not how you look at yourself. so, i don't have to look at myself. >> the protests really began after the detention and torture of children who were writing graffiti, calling for your downfall. i've seen awful pictures of what happened. why was this such
Dec 31, 2011 8:00am EST
,000 for information leading to an arrest. >>> in syria, hundreds of thousands flooded the streets on friday in the largest anti-government protest there in months. activists are trying to show the strength of their movement to arab league observers who are right there now in syria. 22 protesters were killed on friday. >>> and enfamil, infant formula has been declared safe, by two federal agencies. the fda and the centers for disease control say there's no evidence that four cases of a rare bacterial infection was related. four of the babies consumed enfamil. >>> more than 100,000 cyclists, not to be equivalent of a red shirt, filled the streets of taiwan to break the world's record for the largest bicycle parade. the record was set in italy more than a decade ago. >> i don't know, ron. >> that's all i got. >> it was close. >> i know. >> that's impressive. >> i tried. >> yes. >>> time, now, for the weather and ginger who is out in times square, where they're getting ready for the big night. ginger, go. >> it's a big night. and it's a big morning already. so many folks feeling the excitement
Dec 7, 2011 7:00am PST
walters inside the closed borders of a brutal regime. one-on-one with the leader of syria. clinging to power in a year year of revolution. >> do you think that your forces are cracking down too hard? >> they are not my forces. >> his first interview with any western journalist since the crackdown. >>> game over for alec baldwin, after he's asked to stop playing a game on his cell phone. and gets kicked off an american airlines flight. what led to the rage on the runway? >>> double date. will and kate step out with charles and camilla. but all eyes were on the duchess. is she carrying her purse like that to hide a baby bump? >>> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> give it to them. >> where was she supposed to hold her clutch? that's where one holds their clutch, george. whatever do you mean? >> are you making fun of me? >> no. he was. >> we have a lot to get to this morning. >>> battle lines being drawn in this presidential race. everyone took it up a notch yesterday. the president channeled the republican teddy roosevelt, to take on the republicans. he used tough language. he called this a make-or
Dec 23, 2011 7:00am PST
uprising in syria. two suicide bombings ripped through the heart of the syrian capital, damascus today. targeting a government security building and the equivalent of syria's cia. at least 30 people have been killed. now, 5,000 people have already died in the uprising this year. but this is the first, significant violence in the capital and comes just one day after arab league observers arrive, hoping to find a peaceful resolution there. the syrian government is blaming al qaeda for today's attacks. >>> meanwhile, the other breaking story overnight, new zealand jolted by another strong earthquake. people in christchurch, who are just rebuilding after last february's killer quake, ran. as you can see here, from supermarkets, office buildings, fearing the worst and rightly so. no serious damage has been reported. the 5.8 magnitude quake did collapse, though, the side of a cliff. you can see it there. four people had to be rescued after that rockslide. 182 people died back in last february's quake. >>> and the scandal over misidentified and misplaced graves at arlington national cemetery
Dec 25, 2011 7:00am PST
for an end to the violence in syria and a resumption of israeli/palestinian peace talks. at last night's midnight mass, the pope lamented the commercialization of christmas. >>> the last combat troops to leave iraq arrived home in time for the holiday. family and friends were on hand at ft. hood in texas to welcome back the nearly 200 soldiers who arrived in the u.s. even earlier than expected. >>> north korea's military is closing ranks around kim jong-il's successor and they've begun referring to his son as the supreme leader of the military. it is considered crucial if he's going to consolidate control to assign north korea's military first policy. >>> and it was 20 years ago today that mikhail gorbachev announced that he would be stepping down as soviet president. now gorbachev is urging prime minister vladimir putin to give up power. the former leader spoke after tens of thousands of people demonstrated in moscow and across russia against putin's rule. they were the largest protests since the ones that brought down gorbachev and the soviet union. >>> britain's royal family won't b
Dec 6, 2011 7:00am PST
, this morning, pressure mounting on syria, where a bloody crackdown of anti-government protesters is blamed for at least 4,000 deaths. secretary of state hillary clinton is meeting today with syrian exiles supporting the uprising against president bashar assad. abc's barbara walters travelled to syria for an exclusive interview with president assad. it will air across abc platforms starting tomorrow. on and yahoo!. >>> there's word this morning of a settlement following last year's coal mine explosion that killed 29 men in west virginia. it was the worst coal mine disaster in 40 years. and now the owner, alpha natural resources, will reportedly pay some $200 million to settle civil and criminal charges from the explosion at the upper big branch mine. former executives could face criminal charges. >>> and president obama travels to kansas today to pressure republicans to extend the payroll tax cut that expires at year's end. he says without it, the typical american family will lose about $1,000 next year. to get republicans to sign on, senate democrats have lowered a proposed tax on
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)